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We know your clean needs because we know your business. We can anticipate what you need cleaned (before the dirt sticks), and how best to clean it without disrupting the flow of your business. Our goal is to have you working in a clean environment. Always. Run your business this efficiently and the benefits will be noticeable on both your top shelf and your bottom line. We provide you with precisely targeted cleaning products (designed by our team of chemists), modern equipment and time-tested procedures (and training as needed) along with our amazing 24/7 service making us the perfect partner to help keep your business clean. Forever. How do we do it? (see below)

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As our customer there is only one thing youll need to know; how to reach your Santec Clean Needs Specialist (CNS). The same experienced people who create the Santec Clean Needs Packages are the ones who service your account. Your CNS will analyze your environment and create a complete, turn-key plan to keep it clean and up to the standards you need. They will figure out the products and tools youll need, put them where you need them, provide you with the proper training, set up a delivery plan to make sure youre never without product and finally, make themselves available whenever you may need them.

Contact us to schedule your Clean Needs Analysis.

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Well, theyre not all numbered. We also have Colors, Elements and our descriptively named Linden series. But our products were all created one at a time to meet an essential clean need. The simple naming and bold color packaging makes it much easier to use on the job. And because each product was designed to meet a need, it was also designed with the cleaner in mind. How does it smell? Does it make you sneeze? Will it harm your skin if spilled? Will it damage the thing being cleaned? By asking these questions the Santec chemists find the proper balance of efficacy and safety in each and every product. Some products need to be extra strength. If thats the case, we have specific procedures to use them safely and effectively. Call to meet your new Santec Rep today.

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