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You are at the center of this revolution. Why a revolution? Because it moves. Your successful business is always moving. So we keep moving to make sure you always get what you need. From the moment you contact us, it's all about you. We begin by transforming your space to meet your clean needs. If you have a previous stock of cleaning products that can't be used, we will take them back and replace them with our equivalent products. To make sure you're happy, we offer a 60 day moneyback guarantee and an 18 month price guarantee.

Experience has shown us that when we focus on you, the rewards always come back to us. So we even set up a clean rewards program to keep the revolution going.

Of course you are likely to have existing supplies on hand. Switching to Santec is loss-free, waste-free proposition. Whatever cleaning supplies you currently have in stock, we will take them back and replace them with our equivalent products.

This quick, easy transition will help you experience the full quality and efficacy of all our products. And this attention to inventory levels continues as a regular part of our service so that you never run out and will never waste product or money.

It's easy to look at all the dispensers and tubes you may already have installed throughout your facitilty and think it's just too much effort, time an money to make the switch. But if you simply give us a few hours, we can completely replace your existing installation with top of the line hardware in the most efficient, clean, durable installation in the industry.

To keep the drama to a minimum, we will even neatly pack up all your existing dispensers and hardware so that you can call your previous supplier to come pick them up.

We give you a full 60 days of product and service to determine that you made the right choice in choosing or switching to Santec. We want to become part of your routine so that you see how well we work together. If for any reason, you decide it's not working for you, we'll exit gracefully and hope to meet again some day. We also lock in our prices to you for a full 18 months so that you have no surprises as you fit us into your business. Even after 18 months, if we have any price increases at all, they are reasonable and based only on real-world costs of goods and services.

We love our American Express card. It is one of the best ways we manage our cash flow. That it comes with an extensive, and enjoyable rewards program is icing on the cake. If you have your own amex card, you probably also find it indispensible. If not, you can at least get a taste of their rewards program now that you are a Santec customer. We will match their dollar-for-point program and you can browse their complete catalog to select your rewards. Santec will process and send them to you.

And if you pay your Santec bill with your American Express, you will effectively double your points earned. This is just our way of keeping it all going and coming around. Click the button below to start earning today.

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