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Every one of these 12 products & services are guided by three principles that ensure you are getting the best level of service and quality with the highest value ratio in the industry. Result: Exceptional Quality. Outstanding Value.
We call it santexcellence.
1) Customers Trump Shareholders
2) Perfection Before Profits
3) Red Tape is Good...When it's Cut

Other companies hire Sales Reps. We hire and train our reps to be Clean Needs Specialists. Sure they can prepare an invoice and deliver the goods without missing a beat. But we've rearranged their priorities so that we send you the person you need rather than the one our accountant needs. Here are the top five priorities:

1) Experience: Your Santec CNS knows the exact clean standards that must be met for your environment (meaning they've actually read and understood Article 3, Section 5) and the correct products, dispensers and equipment you will need to meet those standards. Santec food service customers pass inspections with ease, our hospitality customers get rave reviews from their guests, and our textile customers discover that fresher, cleaner laundry gets noticed. And yes, your Santec CNS even knows Tunnel Washers.

2) Talent: They may not sing, dance or paint, but all Santec CNS's have a special talent for being able to think on their feet. As hard as we try to create standard processes and procedures, your needs are constantly changing based on your own customers. Your CNS will pivot gracefully every time your needs change to make sure everything flows smoothly. Sounds like they can dance after all.

3) Honesty: Under-promise. Over-deliver. Actually, scratch that. They won't underpromise since they want you to have high expectations from the beginning. So start with the highest expectation. Your CNS will beat it. What won't they do? They won't overstock your supply closet. They won't overcharge you. And they won't sell you what they need to sell, but rather what you need in order to clean. Your clean needs.

4) Strong Work Ethic: They build a relationship with you so that they can anticipate your needs. This makes them proactive. Because your CNS is charged with doing whatever it takes to make you happy, it is not uncommon for them to answer your call just before the first ring...

5) Accessible: ...of course answering before the first ring is probably really due to the fact that you'll have their cell phone number, and their email address. When they see it's you, they'll respond...

Of course supplying you with the best products, dispensers and equipment will not guarantee a clean environment. We assume responsibility for making sure your entire staff is thoroughly trained in the use of all our products and equipment and knows how to clean to the standards that must be meet.

In Service: A comprehensive training session on site will insure that everyone is familiar with all aspects of their job. This includes proper use of cleaning products, tools, dispensers and equipment in order to get the best results. It also covers all safety procedures to make sure that your staff, customers and the environment are protected and that you are in complete compliance with regulation and best practices.

Wall Charts: Strategically placed wall charts reinforce the training material on a daily basis and give your staff the confidence that they are meeting all expectations.

Literature: MSDS sheets, package labels, tech bulletins. Most companies must assume no one ever reads these things. So they make them unreadable. We decided to design ours to be read and, surprise, our customers (and competitors) are reading them. They may not be the next best seller, but they do contain information you will need from time to time so you'll appreciate the ease with which you can find it when you do.

Forms: Because our service is 24/7, we may offer training support or service calls when you're at home. These visits and calls are clearly documented in easy to access digital forms for you to review and verify.

Although we provide only the highest quality dispensers and equipment, anything with moving parts will experience some wear and tear. Our program of regular maintenance of all such devices will allow you to avoid repair visits and more importantly, eliminate downtime due to breakdowns. Our maintenance team arrives with a full supply of parts so that they can fix any issues they uncover on the spot. All visits are documented to meet any inspection requirements.

We service all the equipment we provide, whether leased, rented or sold. We also service most equipment that you may already have on site. We send you our certified, qualified technical wizards in fully-stocked vehicles with the expecation that they will fix any problem you may have on the spot. They have the highest level of confidence since they know these machines as if they designed and built them.

Dish Machines: 24/7 service is available for all commercial dish machines. All standard parts and motors are on the vehicle to ensure no downtime. Once the repair is complete, our tech wizard documents the service report on their iPad so that the entire Santec staff and your CNS are in the loop, instantly.

Washers & Dryers: Our experienced tech wizards haven't met a commercial washer or dryer they didn't already know. They arrive in a truck full of all the standard parts and motors ready to get you up and running again in no time. All repair work is digitally documented on their iPad and instantly entered into your customer record.

Why so many products? Well, multiply all the types of dirt by all the materials that dirt can attach itself to and you quickly find it's a pretty large number. Sometimes the product is needed to target the dirt. Other times it needs to be designed to protect the material being cleaned. Sometimes it needs to work quickly. Deeply. Safely. Effortlessly.

Santec designs all our products in order to achieve the perfect attributes for each clean need. And we do all this to the highest standard by making sure we're not cleaning one thing at the expense of another. Like the planet. Or people.

The Greencove and Safer Choice logos. As you browse our catalog of products you'll see two indicators of this environmental commitment.

Santec also creates Kosher products for use in areas where this is appropriate.

Greencove: Whenever possible, we create products that meet our Greencove standard. Environmentally Preferred Green Cove products reflect our commitment to protect the environment, operate in a sustainable fashion and deliver products that make a difference for our planet and our customers every day. All Greencove products are biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphorous free and fabric safe.

Safer Choice: When you see the Safer Choice logo on a product it means that the Safer Choice scientific review team has screened each ingredient for potential human health and environmental effects and thatbased on currently available information, EPA predictive models, and expert judgmentthe product contains only those ingredients that pose the least concern among chemicals in their class. Santec is a Safer Choice partner and designs as many of our products as possible to meet this safety standard.

We are sometimes accused of being control freaks. Honestly, we're not. For instance, we love surprises. Especially during the holidays. But we do like to eliminate those unexpected surprises that would negatively impact our customers. So we got our own delivery trucks. We send them out to all our service areas at least two to three times a week. So it's pretty likely you'll be getting next day delivery most of the time. And for those times when that's not quite fast enough, we also load your CNS's vehicle with product in case of emergencies. Until we can figure out a way for you to download our products, that's about as fast as it gets.

We do everything we can to make your experience with Santec a turnkey operation. This includes providing any of the commercial cleaning equipment you may need.

From commercial dish machines to industrial washers and dryers, we sell, rent and arrange 3rd party lease agreements for all your cleaning equipment needs.

So where do we put it? Perhaps the most turn-key service we can offer is our design and installation service. We'll help you create the perfect workflow in your kitchen that will move efficiently no matter how busy you get.

And if cleaning linen is your business we can build an entire laundry facility from scratch.

Having the right dispenser in the right place makes all the difference. Your CNS will help you select and place dispensers exactly where they belong. We carry only top-of-the-line dispensing units since the cost-savings of an inferior unit is quickly offset by increased labor costs when the unit malfunctions. Along with our dispensing units we include multilingual signage that illustrates correct usage to ensure compliance and maintain efficiency by your staff.

Perhaps one of the most important ways we deliver "Santexcellence" is the focus we place on our own employees. Everything else on this page is about understanding your clean needs and delivering on those needs. But those needs are only met through our employees.

So we do whatever it takes to make every one of our employees part of the team. We give them whatever tools they need (including the latest high-tech productivity tools; iPads, iPhones, etc). Then we give them a voice. A voice that matters. A voice that can create change when needed.

Results? From our point of view, this employee-centric approach results in empowered, driven, happy team members. This camaraderie also leads to additional employee-centric perks from holiday parties to referral points, book clubs, and even free products for all.

So, it's a great place to work. And as a Santec customer, you'll notice the positive results in the quality of everything you receive from each one of these satisfied, dedicated, happy employees.

If you are a distributor, we offer you access to our team of chemists who can create specialized products for you based upon your unique clean need. The process can be started from scratch, or we can build upon an existing product from our catalog and add or change various features per your specification. Once perfected, the new product can be packaged as a Santec product or as your own brand as appropriate. We will even develop training materials and instructions for use. Of course, our chemists will prepare properly formatted data sheets to make your unique product fully compliant with any and all regualtions.

Over the years, we became aware of a growing interest in our unique formulations by the people who were using them as well as friends and family. People asked if they could purchase some for home use. The industry-standard "undesigned" packaging suddenly seemed off-putting and perhaps not really suitable for use by people. So we decided to "design" the package. Not only to make the package more attractive, but also to better communicate what the product could do. How to use it. How it should perform. What to expect. This simple exercise proved to be so effective that we extended the practice to the entire company from our sales to our services and training. It has resulted in deeper, clearer thinking about what were are about. In the process of communicating this to our customers we have found that we are also communicating it back to ourselves in a way that gives everything we do more meaning and a sharper focus with the rather unexpected result that we're better at what we do in part through design.

And so, Santexcellence #11 is Design...because it matters.

It seems obvious that to build a great team you simply hire great employees. But getting great employees to do great work is not simply a matter of telling them to do great work.

Instead we let them tell us what it means to do great work and how they can best meet the needs of our customers... correction, their customers.

With people this talented, their most common suggestion is to simply step aside and get out of their way. So we eliminate the red tape and bottom-line mandates that would prevent them from doing their best work.

We then empower each of our people with responsibility and discretion to do what it takes to get the job done. In return we get the one thing that really matters: happy customers.

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