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INDUSTRIES SERVED: Packaged foods manufacturers, Meat and fish processing plants, Produce packers

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We understand what must be cleaned, why it must be cleaned and how best to clean it.

From your receiving dock where your raw ingredients arrive, to the processing machines, conveyor belts, packaging lines and all plant surfaces, and then right back out to the shipping dock, Santec has the right products, dispensers and cleaning methods to keep every corner of your facility clean and contaminant-free.

We pride ourselves in knowing how your business operates through experience in the industry and by learning from you what makes your facility unique. This helps us identify all your needs to provide the very best products in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Your Food Processing Package includes: A complete catalog of specialized cleaning solutions designed for use around food and processing equipment. These product have passed rigorous testing for safety around food, people and the environment.

Additionally, we will provide you with comprehensive training, information signage and a complete library of data sheets that will ensure your entire facility is always in compliance with all standards and regulations.

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