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All Santec products and services were developed based on our customer's clean needs. Beyond cleaning products, equipment and supplies, we consider the connection with your people who will actually be performing the cleaning tasks to be vital to success of our clean needs programs. So we also provide all necessary training including regularly monitoring the results to determine when additional training may be required. We also install clearly designed signage, charts and forms that help you and your staff remain efficient, safe and well informed about the process and uses of Santec products.

Below you will find links to our most common forms and charts. Feel free to let us know if there are other information systems you may require:

wash sign
sanitize sign
rinse sign
dishmachine wall chart

Additionally, we provide MSDS, technical and ingredient information for all our products. You will find these organized by product category on our products page.

New information is always being developed to improve clean needs in general. We stay informed about these updates and, as needed, we will occasionally write articles highlighting some of these latest practices or even reviewing others that may have inadvertently fallen out of practice. You will find all our articles archived here:

Article 1

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Article 4

Article 5