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Actually, if you're a distributor, you should know that we didn't make these for you. We made them for people who will use them. Very special people with special cleaning needs. Each product was designed to meet a particular need of one of our clean needs customers. And then it was tested to make sure that need was met. Which is exactly why you'll want to add them to your catalog.

Whether you carry them as Santec-branded products or use our solutions in your own packaging, you will be getting the very best solutions to all your customers' clean needs. And while we promise to provide you with our usual first-rate service, it's really your customers we care about most.

We also offer you access to our team of chemists who can create specialized products for you based upon your unique clean need. The process can be started from scratch, or we can build upon an existing product from our catalog and add or change various features per your specification.

Your Distribution Package includes: Access to our entire existing catalog of products as well as any custom designed products you may require. We offer repackaging options to meet any branding requirements you may have. And we can provide you with dispensing systems, training materials, data sheets and of course, rapid delivery to your warehouses.
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