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INDUSTRIES SERVED: Linen providers, Laundry Services

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Hot, cold, fast, gentle, press, steam, hang, fold. And these are just the choices you face about how to clean linens and textiles. Then there is the "with what?" In all these cases, if you make the wrong choice chances are an entire load, or even an entire day's inventory may be ruined. And constantly making these choices is very inefficient. Your Clean Needs Specialist will design a system for you that will take the guess work out and get you the best results in the least amount of time. Every time.

We understand how to clean clothing, linens, and pretty much anything made of fabric better than even the manufacturers of those fabrics. Not only does Santec offer superior products, but we combine them with measuring and dispensing systems that guarantee consistently effective results. Our products get your fabrics as clean as possible without damaging the fiber or compromising the fabric's quality.

Your Textile Care Package includes: Products to clean, treat and protect every type of fabric from cottons and wools to synthetics and blends.

We will also help you design your facility if need be and we can supply all the machinery required.

Once you're set up and operating, we provide comprehensive service and training, inventory management and equipment maintenance and repair.

You concentrate on cleaning while we keep things running.

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