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INDUSTRIES SERVED: hotels, motels, health clubs, nursing homes, hospitals

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When cleaned with Santec's products, bedding and linens are restored to perfection, carpets are fresh and soft and all hard surfaces shine like new. Facilitites cleaned using Santec's products and services, are cleaner, safer, fresher, and are cleaned so efficiently you may start offering guests early check-in.

Regardless of the level of clean your guests or residents may be willing to live with elsewhere, nothing short of perfection is acceptable in the room you provide for them. Santec's product engineers have considered every detail of these rooms and developed the quickest, cleanest products and processes for restoring each room to clean perfection daily.

The bedding and towels will feel softer and more comfortable making your guests happy and they will also last longer making your bottom line happy.

And while your guests and residents are sure to be pleased, your staff will also appreciate that Santec products do not spew harmful aerosolized chemicals into the air or leave toxic residue on their skin.

Your Hospitality Package includes: All the products, dispensers and training required to help your staff stay on top of your clean needs.

Regular visits by your CNS will ensure your supply closet is well-stocked and your dispensing systems are operating smoothly.

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